Company Profile

With the wealthy producing experience and years of research and technological development which allow us have the ability to offer the desired products to match different customers demands such as from UK, Australia, Europe, American, Spain , Middle East…etc. Not only have earned our company on a foremost position and enjoyed an excellent reputation all over the world in this DC/AC Inverter Field, but also make our company steady growth in these years .

In addition, our capable R & D have taken further approach and succeed in coming out with DC to AC Micro controller Inverter . They have been launched into the market successfully and got lots of favorable responses from the customers.

We are qualified to say that this Unique product will become your best competitive advantage than others and help you gain more business chances on this line !!

Moreover, with the strict Q.C. and strong R & D, our inverters field have been passed CE / E-Mark certification, ROHS Complied and lead us gained ISO 9001.Also the quality of back-up services we provide to customers which we always very much concern.